The locale of the Carry On With Miracle Work campaign Sharing still works the miracles today.

A decent number of sick children are unable to be placed in adoptive families or go back to their birth families. 
The chance of being adopted domestically is no more than 3.5 percent.

Why are many of the children in need of protection ill?

As for the little children who need to be protected as their parents have abandoned, lost, waived, or deserted them, it is hard to trace their family history and potential risks. Closer examination and diagnosis are required, accordingly. Adequate medical treatment in early childhood is very important because it can lower the possibility of secondary diseases and disabilities and prevent minor syndromes from leading to serious troubles.

How is medical support given to sick children?

While the headquarters of our agency keeps up the overall monitoring of little children’s developmental condition, the pediatric clinic in operation carries out the heath checkups for them on a regular basis. We are in connection with cooperative hospitals including Seoul National University Hospital and Yonsei University Severance Hospital, and the around-the-clock hot line is available. In the psychotherapy room are professional nurses and play therapists helping detect and cure potential diseases in the initial stages of early childhood. While children with disabilities are put under the close protection of foster families helping them get proper medical care and rehabilitation treatment, severely disabled children are given the protection of special facilities for disabled children. The baby health care education for foster parents and the education of social workers are carried out as well.

The precious minds that we met at Seoul Women’s University

On the day when fresh spring rain came down, a tent and an information stand to be used for the ‘Carry On With Miracle Work’ campaign were put up at Seoul Women’s University. The slogan ‘Present hope to the children born lonely and ill’ was here and there in the campus. The mini society ‘School’ of Department of Social Welfare joined the campaign held to raise funds for the sake of children’s happiness. The whole proceeds from the sale of the ‘#have a miracle’ bracelets. wet wipes, sachets, and so on were appropriated for supporting children. Becoming aware of the medical issues which were suffered by the children with no parental protection or no family, many students left their heartfelt messages to cheer for the children. “Among 365 days for four seasons in a year are rainy days and snowy days. There are blooming days and sunny days, though. We’ll be good, healthy grounds for you to comprehend such good days as well as bad days.” “You may take pains at present, and still a bright future will certainly be waiting for you.” There were not only a pile of more than 180 encouraging messages but also the students who practiced sharing by subscribing for temporary or regular donation. The little children were too young to read and understand. However, giving warm words, wishing for happiness, and sharing minds served to be ‘a great stepping-stone to miracles worked by sharing’.

‘The Echo of Love’ touching a string in the body and mind

The charity concert ‘The Echo of Love’ planned by singer Miyoun Kan and started in 2010 was held at Amsa Rehabilitation Center last May as it used to be every year. With Miyoun Kan and other singers including Kyung Min Hong, L’Yn, Dahae Bae, Sun Woo, Ye Joon Lee, kixs, NOIR, Vanilla Mousse, and Hash Tag participating in the concert, the event was full of extraordinary fervor. The proceeds from the charity concert are the funds to be used for the improvement of the living environment of Amsa Rehabilitation Center where our disabled children lead their lives. The booth for the campaign ‘Carry On With Miracle Work’ was also set up in place and a large number of people encouraged our unhealthy children with their warm hearts. “Don’t get sick. We expect you to be healthy.” “Our loving little friends~ Walk on happy flower roads.” “Angel-like friends, go for it~.” People were also much interested in the leaflets of the campaign ‘Carry On With Miracle Work’ designed to save the little children. We deeply thank you, all the supporters, for packing the front yard of Amsa Rehabilitation Center to give out your warm hearts in order for our children to grow up healthily.