How are you? I am Ja-hyun Choo, publicity ambassador for Social Welfare Society, Inc.

There was a grateful and good news last January. Actress Ja-hyun Choo who is very popular in Korea and China was appointed as publicity ambassador for Social Welfare Society, Inc. The popular star got to her regular activities for the children of our agency and she is here with us right now.

I spent the past year more happily and thankfully than anyone else.
Hi, I am actress Ja-hyun Choo. I spent 2017 more happily than anyone else as I was given much love and attention through the program in which I appeared with my husband. It also made me feel so thankful that I could let you know on the air that we would have a child. If I can give love as much as I was given to those in need of it, I will certainly feel all the better.

Little and weak children developing slowly for lack of love
Having recently done volunteer work for children in foreign countries, I come to think that positive interest and solutions from our society are needed for the good of underprivileged children. After I was appointed as publicity ambassador for Social Welfare Society, Inc., I started to do activities useful to Korean children and visited the babies’ home with my husband to be one-day parents of the children there. In the babies’ home live 30 baby angels who have been separated from their parents for various reasons such as disorders, diseases, unmarried mothers’ children, poverty, etc. The babies of the shelter are small and weak. While they were born weak, they are slow at development as they are not given enough love by their parents.

They are used to beds more than to maternal arms.
The staff members and volunteers do their best to take good care of children. One person should look after a number of children, though. Due to this specific environment of institutional facilities, there are limits to raise them with attention and love given to them as much as given to the children of ordinary families. The children are tied up in such a situation that they should be raised under institutional care after being separated from their parents, even though they are angle-like babies crying, laughing, asking for a cuddle like other ordinary children. This reality breaks my heart severely.

All children in the world require parents’ attention and love.
In order for children unable to change their own lives to be raised healthily, continuous specialist care in many respects including language, cognition, body, sociality, emotion, etc. is required. If a child undergoes early treatment and grows healthy, the possibility of meeting ‘a good family’ which is necessary for him or her most of all will go up. I think that many people need to be attentive so that the pretty and bright children I have met can stay healthy and meet new families. As publicity ambassador of Social Welfare Society, Inc., I am planning to do my part as best as I can because I want many people to pay attention and give encouragement to the children. I would like them to be with us in witnessing wonderful changes that will come over the children’s lives.